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Lighting types are very important in your shop.....particularly if you attend knife shows around the country. The reason? Different type of light show different things.... incandescent, florescent, halogen, sodium vapor, etc.

For example, if you have a shop with mostly the old style, yellowish colored florescent lighting, build you knives there, and then display them in a venue that hosts halogen or sodium vapor lights..... it'll be UGLY! I learned it the hard way.
I have various type of light bulbs in the shop, so I can examine my work BEFORE going into those types of lighting.

As for my shop(s)..... last year I tore out all the old 8" florescent fixtures/bulbs, and purchased/installed 6500K LED strip lights.....

When it comes to benches and machines, I have "swing arm" lights all over the place. Each is equipped with a 6000-6500K LED "Daylight" bulb. I never pay retail for any of the swing arm lights..... usually in the summer months you can stumble into a yard sale, and find them for just a couple of bucks each.

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