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Hi Jacknola,
Going by the evidence you have pointed out I agree with you that your knife is of early 60's rather than 70's vintage.As for the rounded nuts etc and whether they are soldered or not I have no idea,but I will ask the question on "".If no satisfactory response is forthcoming there would an email to Randall Knives not be worthwhile?

As for tightening the coolie cap and round nut, if indeed the two were soldered together your idea of a splined tool may be correct,but it would seem to over complicate a much simpler solution of just having the nut and cap seperate.

Or possibly, if the round nut is soldered to the cap and had a longer extension designed to facilitate its tightening and then when done the remainder was removed in the final finishing phase?Another question I will ask on the forum then.There must be a person or persons still alive who would have performed the assembly of these knives and will know for sure I would have thought.

I'm glad there was no significant crack in the handle by the way.


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