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Anacid ink and etching advise.

Hey guys

I'm only new but have done a little poking around and found an old post about anacid ink used for etching.

I'm from Australia and have checked around local suppliers and they have never heard such a thing. Does anyone know any info on making such ink or an equivalent? If so any ideas on finding a place I could acquire it or make.

I've also started attempting etching on a couple pieces of mild steal. Usual hydrochloric acid and nail polish with limited sucsess. I've read hydrochloric doesn't etc mild steal very well and my attempts prove this theory but it's easy to get. Should I bite the bullet and order ferric chloride or nirtic acid? If not does anyone have any idea on ratios I've been told 70% hrydo 30% water?

Any advise would greatfuly appreciated

Blackspade axes
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