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Well...where to begin...

After reading your response, I sat down to write a scathing, sarcastic reply. However, not normally prone to being rude or sarcastic (at least, not in public), I thought I should read some of your other posts, and see if you really are as insulting and full of hot air as you seemed to me (keep in mind, I'm new on the forum).

Much to my surprise (and not a little shame), I found that you are actually a very knowledgeable and helpful dealer, who knows the collectors markets incredibly well, and, most importantly, shares that information with others.

So...instead of continuing to insult you, I'm going to apologize for insulting you, and express my appreciation for all the information you share on the forums. Sometimes those with extensive interest and expertise in a particular area can be incorrectly read as arrogant, when in fact they are only exercising professionalism in their chosen field, or trying to be helpful, or expressing genuine interest in the opinions of others.

While it is certain that I will never be a world class maker (my other interests will never allow me to give knife-making the attention required, even if I had the skill), I still found various posts in your forum to be very enlightening ? the kind of info that a maker trying to go (or remain) full-time needs to listen to. The kind of info that any small business needs, in fact.

I think that, often, small business people resent being told how important sound business practices are, especially artisans and craftsmen, as they perceive business to be an "intrusion" in their craft. As you point out, though, without sound plans, they will not do as well as they otherwise could, and most will fail.

I do think, however, that if a maker truly doesn't appear to want or need assistance in this area--if the maker is content just selling what they can make for what they can get, for the love of it, and has no interest in magazines or in being "hot"--that you should respect their decisions and not beat on the dead horse. Just my opinion?and an arguably incorrect one, given that these forums are set up in order to discuss making, dealing, collecting etc., and if a maker doesn't want to discuss their practices, they don't need to come here or respond to questions.

To recap?I apologize to you and other dealers for my flippant, ignorant, and unwarranted comment, and thanks again for sharing your expertise.

There. Crow doesn?t taste so bad after all.

Jeff Chant

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