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Ed these are merely vitamins, P-5-P is the active form of B6, Milk Thistle is a source of silymarin and will protect your kidneys and liver from many toxins, I take it twice a week. Co-Q-10 is an enzyme your body makes less of as you get older, in Japan they prescribe it unlike here and it raises the survival rate of patients with congestive heart disease by 25%, a significant amount discovered in studies at UT Austin, TX and Tokyo U. Q-10 also helps all your organs heal as much as vitamin C does. So except for Milk Thistle nothing I've recommended is a "drug" as they define them. My son is a Dr. and was quite surprised at my improvement and in his Men's Clinics he uses supplements too and tests for low vitamin deficiency especially.

I'm glad you're back and hopefully you'll get better. Of course you must do what you feel is right, but like you said it cannot hurt. My change was rather quick as they tested my kidneys every three months and they greatly improved on my new supplements.
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