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Convert a TwistMasterŽ?

I own several Cold Steel TwistMasterŽ medium clip point folding knives that I consider a kind've Opinel twist-to-lock folder. On and off I think about how there are a few knife makers who remove an Opinel's blade and replace it.

Can anyone recommend an American maker/repairer who does this work whom you believe would convert one of my TwistMasters? I anticipate such a conversion might destroy some of them - such as by breaking the lock ring during its removal or reinsertion. I can live with ruining some to complete the job.

Other than using superior steel, I would want the knife's blade profile to be identical with the medium clip point affixed now.

I understand that most who read this thread will believe that I am "tilting at windmills" by trying to improve such a weak folding knife design. Nevertheless, if someone can do the job and I can afford it, I want the TwistMaster conversion.

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