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You sure are old Don! Liner-locks were around and in use during WWI.

Have to agree on the BSA getting away from what made it such a great growing up experience. I usually carried two pocket knives - one a 3 blade Camillus and a Barlow, one Case sheath knife (4 1/2" blade I think), and a cruising axe - everytime I went camping, hunting or just woodsing. The pocket knives....becuase that's just what boys carried; the sheath knife.......because I thought it was cool (hardly ever used it); the axe becuase my Grand Muddy always said "If ya need moren' 2" of steel for the job use yer axe!"

I never went anywhere without some kind of blade on me until recently. Now I don't fly commercial and I try to stay out of court houses. My first grade teacher used to borrow my Barlow to cut string and stuff. Mumbledee Peg and Split were the sport of recess. It's all crap now!

The local BSA council asked me to do a presentation on sheath making at some multi-troop pow-wow. They held it in a public school. Hard to do a leather working demo without a knife, skive, swivel blade, and scissors! No practical way to show the real reasons for a well made well fitted sheath as well. Guess I could have made a snuff can or cell phone holder. Needless to say, I won't do that again.

We do, I'm happy to say, have several Scouts show up at the Trackrock Hammer-ins. They get up close and personal hands-on instruction in forging a blade, heat-treating, and leather work if they have the time. Jarod, a regular here on the forums is also a regular at TR. Maybe he can shine some light from a Senior Scout's perspective.

CWP - don't see things changing back for the good in our lifetime, yes, it is disturbing.

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