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Sorry, but the edge grind looks terrible

Looks very uneven and for .125 thick material not deep enough. As a beginner I wouldn't expect you to do a distal grind from edge to spine, but you need to do your initial grind back at least a half inch at about 20 degrees for 1/8. I'm seeing an ax edge like I would put on an ax for the thickness you need to bevel at least 2x the material, so for 1/8th inch material the initial bevel should be 1/4th wide and half inch would be better and not too hard for a beginner to do.

Don't be ashamed of using a grinding jig if you need too. I still use a jig for hollow grinds, but regardless, for a kitchen knife you do not want a hollow grind. Most of my knives are flat ground and not a single one of my kitchen knives is hollow ground. Try slicing potatoes, carrots and an onion straight with a hollow grind versus a flat grind. You'll notice the difference immediately, that's why expensive kitchen knives are all flat ground, only cheap kitchen knives at Walmart are hollow ground, best for cutting raw meat or skinning. In other words for dressing out a Bison, Elk or Deer. LOL A hollow ground is a great EDC knife, but not for the kitchen.

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