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Jack, you are so dead on with those statements. Wow! I think we are on our way to some true tried and tested ways of coming to a logical conclusion.
This scientific method is so much better, because it embraces opposing positions and uses it to ferret out the facts, as closely as can be done.
For those who don't want to engage in this conversation because their mind is made up that, to keep it simple, all RMK stamped sheaths are Johnson evidence has come to light. If you care about this part of Randall history, and you want to shut Jack and myself up, then provide evidence that contradicts the RMK stamp orientation-- stamp number style that easily gives us the ability to separate the two sheath makers.
It really is that simple.
Jack and I are issuing a challenge to join this debate.
To me, the reason that it is important to distinguish the 2 makers is that Heiser had a long and storied historical contribution to our historical expansion west. If they made these sheaths, they deserve credit. It also would display another style custom sheath that Heiser made for Randall.
I have observed sheaths that Heiser sold other retailers that came out of Heisers own catalog, but to date, have not observed any Custom made sheaths made by Heiser outside of their catalog, for anyone other than Bo Randall. And this includes Bill Scagel! Pretty rare huh?

Again let your voices be heard on this subject. The more participation, the more will be accomplished.

Sam G
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