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Thanks Tom, and thanks for your contribution.
I will do that picture soon as I figure out how on this forum

Looking forward to more of your unbiased observations that you presented on the other forum that led to a more concise updated observation.

At first, my observation was that I had not observed a west or horizontal facing sheath with non serif number stamps.

Tom then pointed out some 12-11 sheaths that Johnson made. The horizontal stamp orientation appears to be a result of the short/squat length of the belt loop. So done perhaps for aesthetics?
I use that logic because, to date, I have not observed another 12-11 JRB that has a vertical stamp. This I recognize as a Johnson primarily because of the number stamp style.

Does anyone have evidence to refute that?

Any questions about the different style number stamps?

If you will study the number stamps on the Heiser stamped sheaths, these numbers (with a few exceptions) display a serif, or a right angled accentuation on the end of the line of the number.

Johnson east facing, and baby dot sheaths display number stamps that do not have the serif.

I will say that I have seen NO VARIENTS on the Johnson sheaths.
This point alone is stunning to me that there has been NO EVIDENCE thus far to debunk it. Save 1 example of a 3-6 east facing that was provided that looked to me to be an after the fact applied possible serif style 3.

If there is a reasonable, logical explanation for the seemingly overwhelming evidence that points in a simple way that allows us simple distinction between the 2 sheath makers, an opposing opinion, let's hear it.
Not based on opinion, but on fact that can be verified.

It has already been established that it is reasonable to believe that Heiser had a stamp, it has been admitted to by a highly respected authority that Heiser did.
What is difficult is to try to rely on certain characteristics of a sheath that one may say was made by Johnson. This can ONLY be considered as evidence, if that same characteristic is not regularly observed in the known Heiser stamped sheaths.

So I ask you, are there any observations of characteristics that you only see in Johnson made baby dots, that are connected to the bb east facing sheaths that we think Johnson made, that are not evidenced in Heiser stamped sheaths, or west-horizontal stamped sheaths that evidence points to being made by Heiser?

If characteristics overlap and can be observed in both sheath makers work, how can it be used to distinguish? Using experience and handling thousands of sheaths as a reason,while that helps, it really doesn't have much to do with research results.
Remember, very wise, learned men gazed up at the stars for millennia thinking that the sun revolved around the earth, placing earth in the center of the universe. Galileo through research, proved that observation wrong.

Sam G
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