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Hi Sam,

Not sure how much I can contribute, but count me in on being interested in this topic and open to observations, discussion and opposing evidence. You might want to post photos of old vs. new style numbers for clarification. The 3 and 7 are good examples. For the last few weeks, I have searched the internet for a photo of an East facing RMK stamp with old style, serif number stamps. To date, I haven't found anything. The only sheath that came close was posted on the other forum and the number was too distorted to accurately identify its style and its placement was unusual too. So until someone can post a photo of a sheath with an East facing RMK stamp with old style, serif numbers, your observation is still valid, IMO.

Sam, thanks for heading this up and in such a polite and professional manner. This is a fun project and I certainly hope many others will join in and report their findings.

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