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Ron - Thanks for the history lesson and great pics. SteveM - Full House, man. Wow! B&D - I love that black micarta version - impressive! Moose - Nobody has a better eye for stag. Great close-ups!

As a Scagel collector and afficianado, naturally I love the #3. It is said that one characteristic of a classic Scagel knife is "not a straight line anywhere." Curves are beautiful and #3s typically have plenty of curves. The design is also highly functional. I only have one but it's one of my favorite knives. It's just a few years old and sports a stainless blade, NS fittings, compass and finger grooves. What I wasn't anticipating when I ordered it, and what I really love about it, is the dramatic curved stag handle. My wife has been trying to get this one from me but I won't let her have it. I keep telling her the #25 Trapper she has is just fine.
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