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"Model of the Week (Week 3 Model 3)

This one is near and dear to my heart for several reasons. No other
model can trace it's roots directly back to Bo's first knife and
Litch Steinman's Scagel even before that. For a little history, I'm
going to refer to "My Bible" (The History of the Man and the Blades
by Mr. Gaddis): The majority of knives that Bo made prior to WWII
were hunters with "fancy" hilts and spacers. This model then fades
from the forefront as Bo's efforts are concentrated on making good
fighting knifes for our servicemen. There is a passing reference on
page 71 stating that in November of 1943 Bo "redesigned one of his
Scagel style hunting knives to use the same hilt, handle and butt
as his fighters" (photo page 68). The next time we hear about the
hunter is in late 1945 on pages 105 / 106 when Bo "reduced the
point upsweep and raised the back, or spine, into a slight hump
just ahead of the hilt" It also received a larger choil. At this
time it officially became the "Model 3". I have never seen a WWII
Hunter that looks identical to the knife pictured on page 68, but I
have a pinned stag that was documented to have been sold in July of
1946 that Mr. Gaddis believes was forged prior to the design

I have another Model 3 that I believe was made very soon after the
late '45 design change. The handle shape and brass washer and nut
are identical to that of a 1945 fighter. The accompanying Moore
sheath may be an indication that Heiser had not yet started making
field knife sheaths for Bo.

This Model 3 with finger groove leather handle was made towards the end of the 40's

The other reason is because I used a Model 3 (my Dad's) for almost 3
decades before I realized what I had and retired it. A couple of
the forward leather washers are a little loose, but other than that it's still in pretty good shape

OK let's see your Hunters. Guys!


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