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embarrassed technical queries....

While working on this engraving book, I have accumalated a number of things in relation to various techniques over the years. It seems I have forgotten a couple. My deepest apologies to whoever might have given me this stuff for forgetting who you were.

Anyway, the first thing is the brass plate. This was done by some sort of etchant process. As I recall, this was done using real leaves. Something was done with wax, or some resist to the leaf, and then it was ate away with acid and then into the brass with leaf outline . It does appear that their is some actual engraving along the veins. But thats about all I know or can remember.

The film was used in some sort of transfer process, I am quite sure I jewelry engraver showed it to me.. ( there a SO many ways to do transfers, I think I could do a whole book just on various transfer and layout methods)
If you have any idea about either one of these processes or who might have given this to me, I would appreciate if you would contact me so that they get proper credit and the method gets preserved in print.


PS: the Posting Rules says I am not allowed to post attachments... don't know why, so here's the link.
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