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Practice makes perfect Tex. I still use a jig on hollow grinds as that is the only way I get consistent grinds with the equipment I have. I've only ever had a 2x72 was at the college in Burnsville North Carolina. I traded teaching advanced TIG welding technique for forge and trip hammer time. They had a nice jig for hollow grinding. Worked real well on my damascus. Here in New Mexico I don't have access to a forge any longer, but I have about 30 knives heat treated and just needing to be finished. I have some Nicholson files that I need to temper and grind down as well as some O1 I never got around to ht. It's 3/16th thick and originally was going to be a boar hunting knife, but the guy ended up in prison and I ground them down, but stopped after I heard what happened to him. Not too many people want to hunt wild boars with a knife, but it's a set with one big blade and two skinners. I prefer not to ht the O1 in a forge so as to get the best possible quality out of the steel, although that is how I started heat treating in a charcoal forge a long time ago. I'd ht a few knives and then cook dinner. lol
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