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Robert there is a weld rod called B-CUP-3 or 5 and it melts at a lower temp for brazing, but it has to have a flux to stick. lf any of the small bottled brazers available to you has an oxygen bottle it will get hot enough to melt steel, whether Acetylene, propane or mapp gas and brazing using bronze rod isn't a problem once you learn how.. If no O2 available then learn to solder, easier than brazing and less expensive to get set up.

Brass has some brazing issues as it contains zinc (bronze doesn't) and if it's a high concentration it may cause fumes you don't want to breath too much of, especially if it makes hairy looking ashes, which it tends to do if it gets too hot when its in a molten state. I weld zinc, but only with a propane torch with no O2. Using an electric arc will vaporize the zinc in brass. I was a TIG welder, most of my brazing was with it.
Good luck on finding a grinder.

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