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Brass Meat Ax found in South Carolina

I found this Ideal Meat Ax over the weekend and my google-fu has failed me. It has a cast brass handle with a meat tenderizer on one side and a blade that is secured by two machine screws on the other. The blade is 3/16" thick with a 5 1/4" cutting edge. The handle is 6" long and the overall length of of the brass is 10". The tenderizer is also 2" round. The blade has some rust on it but and if removed will most likely leave some pitting. It also seems as if someone attempted to clean the blade with acid or some other corrosive compound because the blade is etched with wiping swirl marks. Any info on it would be appreciated.

I always try to leave a blade as I found it, because it can be easily removed and worked on, and mainly because of the etching, I'm considering refinishing the blade.

Any comments, questions, and smart ass remarks will be valued.
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