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Sorry my friend, according to the Swami, it is definatly a reworked butcher knife. It did come to light that I.Wilson did contract some bowies to be made and marked with there name, but did not mfg. them on site. The tang configuation is the most telling. It is a common shape for kitchen cutlery tangs. Like Ed said, it might just be best to keep it as a period conversion. It is interesting and collectable in that respect. Having a nice cowboy bowie made to match your shooting rig would be nice tho.

For the knife history collectors, here is a catalog scan of the contracted I.Wilson bowies, courtesy of Bernard Levine.

Hey Ed, I see at the top of the catalog page they identify the bowies as having a "Through Tang". Do you think they mean thru tang? The look like what we call a full tang and a through or thru tang would be a rat tail the exits the butt and is peened or fastened with a nut. Am I getting confused here?

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