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Compact inverted hollow handle

This was one of those ideas that came up so I had to build it. I'm sure someone else has done something similar.

O1 blade and 7075 aircraft aluminum handle. I couldn't find tubing with the ID and wall thickness I wanted so I had to bore out some round bar.

In it's collapsed compact configuration with the thread protector on.

Can be clipped onto various things or safely kept in a pocket.

The blade unscrewed, inverted and screwed back into the handle.

The handle cavity can hold a 1/4" EDM stone and fire steel and room for a few other things.

The base has a 1/4" hole and set screw to secure the EDM stone for edge touch up.

The same hole will also hold the fire steel.

The chain saw style teeth on the spine are for shaving real fine tinder.

It's not an art knife, it's purely for function.

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