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Hank Rummell has left us.

I'm very sad to report that our friend, Hank Rummell has passed on and thought that anyone who knows him and Helen would like to see this note from their good friend Irv Lehman. He will certainly be missed at many knife shows and we send Helen our love and prayers at this sad and difficult time:
I have been in contact with Helen Rummell and it is her request that none of us send flowers but cards of sympathy can be sent to her at:

893 Route 302
Pine Bush N.Y. 12566

I'm sure you probably have a humorous story about Hank that you could briefly describe in the card. I know I have lots of funny stories that I can share with Helen because Hank was full of life and had a great sense of humor (his gruff exterior was all a facade).

In lieu of flowers she requests that you make a donation to honor Hank to an animal rescue in your local area. As most of you know Helen and Hank were very much dedicated to their dogs and Hank lost his life in keeping his dog safe, that was the ultimate sacrifice for the love of his dog and knowing Hank he would do it again.

Many in the knife community owe Hank a debt of gratitude for his relentless support of custom knives and the help he gave makers, dealers and collectors over the years.

Please feel free to send this email on to anyone that you know knew Hank as I am sure Helen can use all the friendship we can offer.


Irv Lehman

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