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1944 Randall 1-7 with a Von Lengerke & Antoine sheath

Have a 1944 Randall 1-7 with a Von Lengerke & Antoine sheath.

See thread here:

I figure the knife is worth somewhere between $1200 and maybe a bunch more ??

Really it's worth whatever someone wants to pay me in some kind of market.

Folks seem to like this knife -- but the market is scattered around the country.

Would like to get a bit less than whatever it's worth -- a bit less because having a low-stress sale is good -- and I'm not sure how to do that without meeting in person and having the buyer feel comfortable with what their buying and me feeling confident getting paid.

I live in Western Massachusetts.

I took a bunch of better pictures and uploaded them here:

The only thing I've done to it is use a little leather conditioner on the handle and a very light cleaning with #0000 steel wool (the finest grade).

I've sold stuff on ebay -- but I don't have much confidence in selling something of a relatively high value there -- seems like a high-stress sale.

Am also still figuring out how to respond to interested parties. On ebay everyone can see what anyone else has bid -- so that's transparent. I'd like to be transparent with different folks who've expressed interest -- and am not sure whats the best way to handle that.
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