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Thanks Jack and Joe for your comments on this mod 15 tenite. I agree 100% with you. It's a clean knife and sheath. I did contact the owner, made him an offer and he accepted.
My favorite time in Randall history is Bo Randall's design and development of the Astro for the Mercury space program alongside Gordon Cooper.
This model 15 is what was chosen as the basic knife design for the Astro. This one I just picked up was made at the time that the development of the Astro was going on in the Randall shop. The sheath is the same as provided with the astronaut/NASA knives. HKL sheaths with the horizontal Randall stamp.
As Jack pointed out earlier in this thread, the sheath with the horizontal stamp dates it to 1959-60. The date 1960 also is penned on the sheath.


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