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I remember seeing his blades in the 90's.

I know this won't help you, but I remember "The Knife Shop" on Macarthur blvd. in OKC, OK. selling some of his blades in the early 90s, That shop was bought out by somebody else in the mid 90s. They were still in business in 2004 last time I was there and I bought a Meyerco Blackie Collins folder from them and there were some of his blades still there I think, but am not sure as I was looking for that folder and did not peruse the whole shop. Call some knife shops in Dallas and OKC and see if you can find out anything about him.

The R. Luttrell name sticks out in my memory. I am surprised I remembered his name, but I had just started making knives in the 90s and I really looked at the custom blades they had and he had 4 or 5 blades including a sword there. Back then the store sold knife making supplies including steels and kit knives. The new owners had stopped selling maker's supplies by 2004. It may not have survived the 2008 depression.
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