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Sorry for having to ask so many questions on this topic but I feel it'll aid me quite a bit. So here it goes. Well talk about 5160 in this post, keeping in mind the other steels mentioned, but I'm mostly concerned with 5160 right now, as i have alot of it on hand.

Your saying a cryo would increase edge holding ability? Would this at all affect over all toughness?

I'm mostly concerned about this because my favorite knives are large camp knives and bowies. And this 5160 is great for these knives as far as toughness and shock resistance goes. But if theres a way to increase edge holding also, that's always a plus.

Now I'd like to know if its possible to do the cryo quench without being setup with liquid Nitrogen and anything like that. I do most of my forging and quench type work outside under my carport, and also have a small (12x25) shop that i do my finish work in. Is it possible to do the cryo in these work areas??

Thanx for all the help,
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