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I know that Jerry already knows this and probably didn't want to spend a half an hour talking about it but I bite my lip every time I hear a half finished description:

According to the venerable Machinery's Handbook, AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) / SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Tool Steel Descriptions:
Water hardening tool steels (chisels, forging tools, punches):
W = Water hardening
Steels for cold work (general purpose):
A = Air hardening, medium alloy
O = Oil hardening
D = High carbon, high chromium
High speed steels (mainly for metal cutting tools):
M = Molybdenum
T = Tungsten
Shock resistant tool steels (punching and forging applications):
S = Shock resistant
Special purpose tool steels (high toughness applications where abrasion resistance is not important):
L = Low alloy
The number suffix relates to their chemical classification as decided on by the AISI and SAE in collaboration with industry. The number does not directly relate to quantity of main alloying elements as with the AISI 1xxx/4xxx/5xxx steels. It's important to note that there is a lot of crossover in usage between the catagories of steel. D2 and S7 seem to get used almost interchangeably in some of the industrial punching and forging operations I've seen.
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