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Don Cowles
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Jason, when I do this, the first step has to be to scuff up the surfaces of the sheet steel (or nickel silver, or whatever) with sandpaper. follow this by wiping all components down with acetone. Find a board that is larger than the pieces you are gluing up (this will be used as a caul), and prepare 2 sheets of waxed paper the same size as the board.

Mix up the epoxy, and spread it on the first piece of the assembly, which should be resting on one sheet of waxed paper on your workbench. Add the next component, and repeat until all the pieces you want to put together are present and glued.

Lay the second piece of waxed paper over the whole thing, and rest the board on top of the assembly. Now, weight the board with a couple of bricks, or 5-10 lbs. of scrap metal, and let the glue cure overnight.

This seems to work the best for me, although despite my best efforts, there is occasionally a gap or a delamination in some area. I work in 1 foot strips, and cut the pieces for a particular knife from this assembled stock, saving the rest for the next project. This way, if I run into a piece with a problem, I can cut another chunk from the glued up assembly.
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