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Bradshaw Presentation Bowie

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd post this one here, since this is by far the most embellished knife I own. It's a project that I've had in the works with Bailey for some time and was inspired by his bowie that won the B.R. Hughes award for best knife submitted by a Master Smith applicant back in 2001.

The blade is 10" of damascus in a 4-bar twist. The handle is carved from core mastadon ivory.

A variety of materials with great variation in colours (much more so than is evident in the photos) were used for the beautiful inlay work. The main stem of the vine is 18K green gold; the grapes are 24k yellow gold, the leaves are pure silver and the vine curls are copper.

The grape vine and leaf them is carried over to the pommel, which my wife thinks would make a really great pendant. I don't think I'll tell her about the take-down construction.

My thanks and congratulations to Bailey on this outstanding bowie.

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