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Josh Blount
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Traditional Sheath

Does anyone out there make any type of traditional sheath for a buckskinner or longhunter knife? Being a history buff, I like to make knives from this period, and I'd like to have sheaths that fit as well. For the last sheath I made, I used 6-7 oz vegetable tan, formed it to the knife, and stitched it like normal. Then I sewed buckskin over the cowhide kind of like a sock. This works fine, but given that it takes me about 15 hours to make buckskin out of my deer hides, I try to use it sparingly. Does anybody have any ideas for other leathers, or another way to do this? I've thought about either a suede split or a chrome-tanned with the grain side in, but I'm not sure what that would look like. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Josh Blount
Wytheville, VA
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