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What is encouraging about it Jack, is that the findings were totally independent, from completely different sources, working on different characteristics, but they fit together like a glove!

*** We have definitely established this connection of:
Heiser RMK= West, Horizontal stamped sheaths
Johnson RMK= East stamped sheaths

***Let me make myself perfectly clear. I make no claims that these findings in this project are truth. It is too early. As in any honest investigation, the facts will tell us.

With the stamp orientation - number stamp style being established, how about we also explore the differences of the 2 sheath makers, based on viewing the sheaths themselves, without considering the stamps.

Let's consider these observations one by one.
It has been observed that Heiser and Johnson made sheaths can be descerned by certain characteristics.

1) Thickness of leather. Johnson it has been suggested, used thicker leather.
I put this theory to the test, and asked a saddle maker in Colorado about this, and his reply was that:

1) Bulls/cows from Florida come mainly from Bhrama stock, and
2) Bulls/cows from Colorado come mainly from European stock.
3) Bhrama/Florida cattle has thinner hide
4) European/ Colorado has thicker hide.

Also that leather shops purchase their hides from different places around the country.

So if Bhrama/Florida hide is thinner, how could Johnson made sheaths be consistently thicker than Heisers?
Let's start with this claim. What do you think?


Sam G
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