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I'm going to try keeping the typhoon to a minimum . From the sounds of it, there really needs to be very little water to make things effective and I plan to use as little as is needed. I have a few thoughts for testing how I want to get the water on the belt and also plan to make a little guard for the top wheel of the platen, hopefully out of plexi glass. Add on some angle iron for an attachment point and some rare earth magnets and curve it around the wheel with my heat gun. Should be an "easy" way to keep the water directed where I want it and not on me and easily moved around for easy belt changes. Going to bend up some sheet metal for a catch tray under the grinder and up the wall behind. Then it'll just be a matter of periodically cleaning out the collected gunk.

I'm sure it'll take some fiddling around to make it all work, but really looking forward to the idea of a lot less dust floating all over. Especially from some Micarta or G10. I'll still be wearing a respirator, but less dust to me is always a good thing. We'll see how it all turns out.

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