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Wet grinding setup

I got inspired by some recent wet grinding threads and decided to give it a go. I must say, I'm really looking forward to less dust in my small work area. After doing some research, I decided to go with a pump rather than gravity feed. I picked up a Ryobi wet saw pump at the big box home store and a couple fittings. The guy there was helpful and gave me a couple suggestions. I wanted to be able to adjust the flow without reaching into the bucket of water to turn the little dial. I had a bunch of drip line left over from doing sprinkler stuff in the back yard. Got a little needle valve thing and a little pack with "delrin sleeves" to replace the brass ones in the compression valve (they can cut into the plastic hose).

Replace the little sleeves and tighten everything up.

The little elbow that plugs into the pump posed a problem after opening everything... It was a ways bigger than the drip line, but not big enough for the line to fit inside. I'm sure there's a couple specific adapters that would allow the fit to be just right, but I'm fairly impatient. So...I hunted around the garage and found some fittings, tube, and zip ties. A little time and a bit of filing, and things were working just right.

After testing it all out (and it actually worked), I got it out to the grinder. I zip tied it all together and plugged it in.

I had to help out the pump just a touch, but once it made it all the way up from the floor, it was flowing just fine.

Turned it down and it went to a trickle. Looks like it should work just fine .

I need to work on the mounting of it onto the belt, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Glad I ran into the other threads about this.

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