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So true Ed!

The different lighting invariably comes up at a show. Rub a blade to get under a different light to see a coarse grit.

Before I would keep the garage door partway open to allow sunlight but the privacy and security aspect I began working with the door down. The Asian Tiger mosquito also became a more annoying past in '17 so another reason the door is down. I need to supplement the illumination in there.

The Kydex area is the one I'm setting up now. This is in a part of the shop that is not under my usual lighting so I have a hard time seeing there. Costco has those shop LED fixtures though want to say they are 4000K. I've not liked that warm white look generally.

Ikea had those swing arm desk lamps for $12 but I need more height than what those offer. Will take in Home Depot to see what options may work.

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