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Propane forge for sale

Elegantly made and coupled by vastly skilled Experts in the U.S. Our items are designed with utmost durability in mind and made to stand the test of any task. We prioritize quality in our services, so we produce nothing short of the best and our items are sold at highly reasonable prices. Much obliged to you for your business


Made of durable steel round tubes. 1" ceramic fiber insulation is made with refractory brick. Forge effortlessly grips 150K+ BTU. Front and back openings are 4" x 7" inside chamber 9" long and 8" in diameter.

N:B. Our Forge is NOT/NEVER Made of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal products are best detected for their ability for being disposable, because sheet metal is cheap and works for short period purposes. When forge is constructed using sheet metal, this will extremely lower its durability and functionality over time. Conversely, forges made out of durable metal, for example, our structural pipe, are intended to last years of uninterrupted usage and constantly offering excellent results.

It is perfect for any Knife-maker, Blacksmith, Blade-smith, Hobbyist, or jeweler.
  • ​1" Ceramicwool Lining
  • Extendable Material Rests
  • Two propane burners NEW DESIGN
  • 2 Firebricks
  • 48" hose

What’s the Temperature range for the forge?

The burner can reach over/greater than 150,000 BTU.
2300 Fahrenheit

What can this forge achieve for you?

Heat up your metals to forging state.
Attain welding temperatures.
Melt some metals

Can I make the forge hotter and how?

When you buy a hose with a highly-pressured regulator/controller of 0-30 PSI or greater
One or both exits can be covered with fire bricks
This permits heat to be stuck in the forge, as a result, the temperature and BTU inside the forge is raised.

Why is my flame unsteady?

The burner may not be installed correctly. If burner is placed too low in the forge, it will not allow enough oxygen for the flame.
Make sure are using the correct regulator 0-30 PSI. A low pressure regulator 0-10 PSI will cause you flame to be unsteady.

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