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Smile Finally Back at it!

Greetings All,
Well, some of you know I spend most of my time making sculpture. The last part of the year was filled with finishing up some stone pieces for our open studios tour here in the high desert, which left me with only enough energy to dream/think of forging.

And finally I got back to it; with some good/bad news. The day I was setting up to begin some new projects my good friend came to take his anvil back to do some farrier work for the winter season........which forced me to spring for my very own anvil! Wow am I stoked to have my very own; and a nice one too. It is a dream, and what better way to get back to the hot steel other than with a new Nimba Anvil!

Below are my first two pieces in since May. It feels good, that there is still so much to learn. The little integral is my first attempt at a decorative bolster, and the one from spring steel, I am calling "The Happy Chef", is my first out of spring steel, a cool little leaf spring I found.

I am quite happy with both and now am just waiting for some wood a friend is sending me for the handles.

Heat treatment is OK on both, could be better, but I think that is always the case in the beginning. The integral edge passes the edge flex all the way untill about 1.5" from the choil, and the Happy Chef is wicked sharp and edge flex is OK. Good for a kitchen knife, gets razor sharp and is easy to resharpen; and yes that top clip is sharp, just in case anyone complains to the Chef.

A shot of a sculpture I recently did, these I call,Stonecenterpieces,
and also a shot of the new anvil, and a few process shots of the two new knives.

I hope you enjoy the images, and forgive me for rambling on so much!

Don Carlos

OK So Now the Knives


Post Heat-treat

Ready For Handles

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