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Like Crex said just get the cheap sheet metal handled skiver and a package of blades that go with it.
A few tooling stamps, I recommend you watch some YouTube videos by Tandy leather to get an idea, they have them on their web site of Weaver Leather Supply also has some excellent beginners videos as well. Give them a look see. I presume your old enough to realize these videos are to sell you stuff, though Tandy less so.

Hardware, you want solid brass rivets and Line 24 snaps. Only Zach White Leather in NC sell them in small packages, a hundred line 24 snaps are expensive, Zach has 10 packs and Tandy has no solid brass snaps of any kind, I took a magnet to Tandy. I had a pretty irate customer bring back a rusty sheath as he was around saltwater with the filet knife I sold him. I had to throw out all my snaps and rivets. Tandy does have brass rivets in packages of 100. You don't need rivets to make a sheath btw, I just like them on the corners. I use stitching needles and Ritza Tiger thread in different sizes, for sheath you only need .8mm to 1mm thick thread. Weaver has the best prices I've seen on tiger thread. Why Tiger thread? It doesn't tangle. I do a lot of sewing. Made my son a crocodile belt and you have to line the croc by gluing and sewing the whole thing to an 8 oz belt strap. I also use 5mm spaced set of stitching chisels from Weaver (best price) to make my holes. Get a decent stitching groover, it will make sewing a lot easier than using dividers to make your stitch line. I have bought most of my tools from Tandy, but if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby they sell a pack of different tooling stamps and they're pretty good.

Oh and stay away from hairy leather on the flesh side cuz that's some cheap leather.

You don't need a lot of tools, but spend some on the knife you use. I use 3 knives, a boxing blade, a circular blade, you won't need that and a model knife with round edge blades and straight blades. Remember this, cheap leather is harder to cut, especially if it's all dried out. Bought one from Weaver and won't do that again no matter how good it looks. Had to dampen it to cut it. Strapped the whole double shoulder to belt straps and threw away the scraps. I usually make sheaths from the scraps from strapping shoulders, but not that stuff. Live and learn, it tools ok, but cutting was a chore. The tanning procedure dried those shoulders out.

Best you watch those videos, there's tons of them, but watch the beginner's first and Tandy's are probably the best at that. Watch Weaver's how-to on knife sheaths too. Btw, if you get an itch to make a belt, buy the belt straps from Zach White or Weaver supply. Don't go crazy like I did.

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