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These first pictures and the comments were originally by "Sparky," in the coolie cap line. This knife does not have a coolie cap but it does have a Delrin handle. It started an interesting discussion. I hope others with Delrin handles will post their pictures in this line.

"I don't know much about the 12s. I'm learning a lot here. Thank's to all.
Seen this Saturday at the "Central Ky. Knife Club" spring show.
A couple of quick photos.
Where does this one fit in the progression?
13" Raymond Thorp
Delrin handle (I think)
Coolie Cap"

Spark, that is actually a "flanged butt cap," not a "coolie cap." As we have noted, the first such cap reportedly (by Gaddis) adorned the famous King Faisal set shipped in early 1956.

I would guess your knife is probably between 1963 and early 1966. It is post-1963 because of the baby dot snaps on the sheath, and pre-1966 because of the type 1 blade stamp. However there is a kicker ... the presumably "Delrin", a nylon-like material, handle (if that is what is on this knife). I'm not sure that material was used prior to about later '60s or so and I don't have one. So you could have some contradictions ... a sheath that could be pretty early-mid '60s, a blade that could be middle 60s, a handle material that could be later '60s.

EDIT: checking this site, I found a bunch of Delrin handled knifes including a "SS" and a "Low S" knife.. which would seem to move the use of Delrin on Randall knives back in time to 64-65... so ... back to your knife, 64-66 seems likely pending a look at the butt of the knife.

Note about Bowies: Gaddis related a story about prowling in the shop and finding an early Bowie blade. Turns out it was one that had never been finished and was just laying around. He said he had the shop handle and complete the knife for him 15-20 years after the blade had been made.

It would be interesting to see a picture of the nut on the butt cap of the knife you posted. It is most likely a hex nut, but I'll never miss another chance to look at brass pommels in hopes of finding additional recessed tang connections, or other interesting anomalies

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