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Doug, it is true that the chromium oxide is most likely the reason why 5160 is more difficult to weld, but it is really not that much more difficult. It just takes a bit of know how, patience and practice. However, when I hear someone say, "or even possible to do in a regular forge", I think it is a good example of how certain lame "scientific" theories and dogma (stated as fact) just don't hold up well in the real world. There is way too much of this sort of thing circulating the internet. It tends to undermine progress in the craft and the artists who know better, from experience.

... With 5160, or really any hot rolled steel for that matter, it is a good idea to initially grind off any thick mill scale, especially on the surfaces to be welded. This gets rid of any residual oxides etc., left over from the milling process and makes it very doable in a somewhat controlled atmosphere,... not too oxidizing.

All theses welding recommendations are, or should be, standard procedures for forge welding carbon steel. It?s really not that 5160 is so difficult to weld, but rather you can get away with cutting corners etc., easier on simpler steels.

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