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The AUS series matches up approximately with the 440 series, and MANY knives have been made with 440B or 440C. The AUS steels have some vanadium added, which enhances the edge holding.

There isn't a month that goes by that some newbie doesn't ask about what the "best" steel is. The reality is that there is a broad range of steels that can - potentially! - make a great knife. Steel alone doesn't 'make' a knife. Blade geometry, heat treatment, fit-and-finish all factor in.

The knife also has to fit the service for which it was intended. For example, a diver's knife has to be able to resist corrosion - even if that requires sacrificing some other properties. A soldier I know broke several very expensive blades - made with excellent steels - while in combat. He finally had to get knives made with O1 and 5160 - pretty basic non-stainless stuff - in order to get the performance he needed.

The variety of steels that can be used for knifemaking is part of what makes this forum fascinating.

If you were building a knife for cutting competition, you probably wouldn't pick AUS6. But, as an EDC, it is a decent steel and has good resistance to corrosion. It's not too hard to sharpen and will probably hold up well in the type of usage intended. Manufacturer's like it because its easy to machine and it polishes up nicely.

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