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Crex 12-26-2020 07:38 AM

Reminicent of ol' Primal Fires Days
Gentleman got this as a Christmas Present from his son yesterday morning. Might say he was a bit more than just pleased. A few years ago one of GA's many small, mean tornadoes destroyed the family farm's barn and out buildings along with several trees. This is a several generations farm. His son "commissioned" me to make his Dad a knife from the barn remnants. We talked and did some figuring (long distance as he's in Riddleville) and arranged a meeting with salvaged materials. Well short story long - here's what I came up with: Blade (6") forged from old plow shear, Fittings from busted early 1900's tractor wrench - including Cross, Handle from blown down pecan tree stump, Stand from barnwood, Hinges from barn door, Square nail props from barn construction. Sheath is only thing not salvaged material - Buffalo hide with square nails for rivets. I had a lot of fun putting this together, figuring things out as I forged the blade. Enjoy.

Dana Acker 12-28-2020 06:15 AM

Is there a photo Carl? I canít see it. It sounds really neat.

Crex 12-28-2020 07:45 AM

Christmas Present 2
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It shows for me, but seems a little large. I'll try thumbnailing it. Tell me if this worked Dana.

Tai Google 12-28-2020 08:31 AM

That works. Very nice Carl.

Crex 12-28-2020 09:23 AM

Was thinking back to the days we were doing the total salvage/recycle builds on PF the whole time I was putting this one together.

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