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Jedi-Master 08-18-2021 12:25 PM

WRS Level II hood for pistol holster
First time listener, first time caller:

I have a WRS hood I am seeking to attach to my holster I am making, however I am concerned attaching it will leave the chicago screws/rivets will scratch the finish on the side arm and I am curious how to ensure I leave enough space between them and the sidearm such that the side arm will never touch the side arm.

What are your thoughts?

TexasJack 08-19-2021 02:19 AM

Your observation is a good reason to avoid rivets whenever you can.

The simplest way to keep them from scratching is to add a liner to the inside of the holster. That can be a full liner or just a partial one covering the critical part. You can use very thin leather, since it's not for structure, just for cover. I'm assuming that you have a leather holster. For Kydex, it's a bit trickier. I've never tried this, but you could have a double layer of kydex with the WRS piece attached only to the outer one.

Keep in mind the words of a famous holster maker who said that the best way to avoid holster wear on a pistol was to never put the pistol in a holster.

Crex 08-26-2021 07:09 AM

I agree with Texas Jack. Soft thin leather liner can look really classy if done well, giving a professional custom look. You mentioned Chicago screws, was/is your intention to make it removable? If not, glued and stitched carefully can also look fine if done with care. Even better would be to incorporate the hood in the original layout before cutting.

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