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BoBlade 07-31-2005 11:00 AM

"Model of the Week" (Week no. 1 Model 1)
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Hi Everyone,

I had this "brainstorm" last night: Everyone likes to see photos of Randall knives whether old or new and there are many different models to choose from and admire. Why not have a "Model of the Week" thread where members post photos of one particular model in an organized fashion starting from the Model 1 Fighter this week, the Model 2 Stiletto next week, etc.. By the time we run out of models and specials, most everyone will have picked up a new knife or two to spark a 2nd round! I don't know if I can take full credit for this brilliant idea because I heard that some dweeb from another forum may have initiated something similar. Whether rumor or fact, it shall not detract from the enjoyment we here at Knifenet get from seeing photos of each other's knives.
I'm mostly a field knife kind of guy, but I do have a few Randalls made for darker purposes as the song goes. Here is an early fighter that differs pretty significantly from it's offspring that evolved over a number of intervening decades: Non standard 6 1/2" length blade, no ricasso, 1/8" thick red spacers, short handle (only 3 1/2" worth of leather washers), thin (only 1/4" thick) buttcap and a brass wrist thing link. The sheath is by Southern Saddlery out of Chattanooga who supplied sheaths to Randall for only about a year from July of '43 to July of '44. Not as elegant as Clarence Moore or as crisp as Heiser, they were nonetheless well made and fit for their intended purposes. There is a letter from Bo shown in Hunt's 2nd book on page 287 where Bo says "The very first 1's & 2's made almost 100% by myself are recognizable by the unusual bent brass with hole drilled through I had to use for attaching the wrist thong; there are not many of these around." Thanks to Mssrs Gaddis and Hunt's efforts, we can place this knife pretty much dead square into 1943. I apologise in advance for my inability to post decent photos!

I really hope this thread can take off because of those pesky rumors that it was enjoyed on another forum :D



Raindog 07-31-2005 12:06 PM

I, for one, am happy to see this thread start. Thank you. Now, if I only had a #1 to post :( . Two on order but none in hand.


The "Captain" 07-31-2005 01:06 PM

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All members,
A lot of folks know the Model #1 "All-purpose Fighter" from the Randall catalog. It is instantly recognizable as one of Bo Randall's earlier works of art as well as the "cover knife" for a majority of the Randall catalogs. Beside all of that, it is "still" the best selling fighter in the Randall line!! Not bad for a veteran of 63 years!! That's right: The "original" design dates back to 1942!
Without trying to declare myself any kind of expert on the history of Randall Made Knives, and with giving 100% full credit to the likes of Bob Gaddis and Pete Hamilton, I thought that a few lines should be dedicated to the "history" of these "models of the week". Anyone....Please feel free to "dig in" and play along!!
Bo Randall, along with A friend, Lt. James Zacharias came up with the design that would eventually become the Randall Model #1 "All-purpose" Fighting Knife in the summer of 1942. I am not sure of the original "exact" specifications for this knife, i.e. exact blade length, etc. but it was basically a Swedish tool steel fighter with a straight clip point, verses a "bowie" clip point and had a blade length of around 7 1/2", as best I can research, looking through all of my totally non-complete information. The original handle was of stag, without a crown. It had fancy spacers, double hilt (straight), and a wrist thong. Lt. Zacharias was attatched to an Army Battalion stationed in central Florida at a training facility.
From these beginnings, at the onset of W.W.II, the Model #1 began. I have emailed a photo of one of my "newer" Model #1's to "Crimson Tide", in an effort to "play along" with the rest of you. It is a beautiful example of just how far, and yet, just how similar this great piece of Randall history has come, without changing it's original idea!! Wow!! What a concept: Design something so right the "first" time that it needs basically nothing in the way of changes for decades! Anyway: You folks please feel free to "ammend" this entry or edit it if it's historical content or general descriptions are not in keeping true to the facts. It is, as best I can recall, accurate. Best, Captain Chris Stanaback

Wideglide 07-31-2005 04:34 PM

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I get to play this week and again next week with a matching number 2. The shop did a great job in matching their appearance. The number 1 is my favorite Randall. Something about the lines of the blade remind me of a sleek, fast and lethal sports car

Thanks to wam03 for the pic.

tunefinK 07-31-2005 06:38 PM

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I don't have anything nearly as classy as Ron does with his old ones (not many people do 8o )...... But I have a few Fighters to share.

First is the modern Mini and his big brother.

Next is a pair of old 7 spacers in black micarta. One 8" - one 7" Both seperate S stamps.

Last is an unusual one.... low S stamp, black micarta, with a nickel silver scalloped collar. I'm told they were made, but this is the only one I have seen.

Moosehead 07-31-2005 06:56 PM

#1 in my book!
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Hi Ron!

What a great idea to start this "Model of the Week" series here on the Knife Network. And what better way to start than to let us see your classic 1943 fighter made by Bo Randall himself! :101

Thanks Cap for the historical background of the design.

Great looking #1s Tuner and Wideglide!

Well, I finally obtained my first Model #1-7" at the Blade Show (sorry, you still have to wait for yours Gary). It was fresh from the Randall shop (vintage May 2005).

I'm really impressed with how perfectly balanced the knife is. I also really like the look of the Ironwood handle, along with the nickle silver hilt and butt cap.

Let's see some more of these great "fighting knives", both old and young.



Rob Kelly 07-31-2005 09:01 PM

Hi Ron

What a great Idea for a thread

We should all thank the guy who came up with the original idea all those years and posts ago


Thanks to Bo-Blade


I'll try and take a pic of my model 1's to add to this great thread idea


BoBlade 07-31-2005 09:28 PM

Thanks, Rob! Truth be known, it was Mitchell (Tunefink) that put a bug in my ear about re-starting the model of the week here. So I am indebted to the Tune of..........Heck, I guess I'm just indebted to the Tune, period!


Rob Kelly 07-31-2005 09:54 PM

Well Ron and Mitchell

Thanks for starting this thread

I just always know that when you two guys start posting pics
I'm gonna be saying "Oh Wow" alot

Great knives



RedElk 08-01-2005 07:42 AM

That is one gorgeous knife!

crimsontide 08-01-2005 08:56 AM

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A couple of recent made model ones.


Moosehead 08-01-2005 09:18 AM

Thanks Martha!

Very cool pair Tide! :cool:

I like gnarly stag on any Randall, but your #1-7'' looks great, and the brass fittings with the Maple Burl (?) handle go beautifully with the other one!


P.S. Did you obtain these from A.G. Russell?

Buddy Thomason 08-01-2005 10:47 AM

Both of my #1s are newer versions of this landmark design by Bo Randall lo those many years ago. The first one features a micarta commando handle with NS fittings and black sheath. Here are two images of this one:

The second one features a green micarta handle with finger grooves and a brass guard. These are two very different knives. The one below is lighter, faster in hand and nicely balanced. The first one is a little more handle-heavy, has a comfortable grip and is, how shall I say - better looking. However, the flared edge of the NS butt cap makes it less comfortable if worn on a belt. Which one is best for actual service in a military theatre? In my opinion, the one below.

crimsontide 08-01-2005 11:02 AM


I got the maple burl model one from AG Russell a couple of years ago. I got the stag model one at a local gun show. I knew the dealer and he had just received it from Rick Ward. I wa fortunate enough to get it for just ten dollars over shop price and no wait!!!


crimsontide 08-01-2005 11:06 AM


Both of these are very nice!!!!

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