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jimmontg 09-12-2021 05:17 AM

Admiral Steel Is Now Carrying The Sandvik Steel 14C28N
I had emailed Dr. Larrin Thomas about using a less expensive steel for fish filet knives than the S30V I used before and he suggested the Sandvik Steel 14C28N instead of 440C as it is more corrosion proof than most steels and he informed me that Admiral Steel had added it to their stock. Larrin HT 14C28N to HRC 62 and it still had good toughness. He rates it as the best budget steel for knife makers whether you HT yourself or send it out. Here is a link to his article on choosing the best budget steel.

Admiral carries it in metric sizes by half a mm like .079 or 2 mm, but for some odd reason they do not have 3mm (.118 or 1/8" .125). But anyway, for a knife that is going to be around saltwater 14C28N is better than AEB-L which it pretty much is except for the addition of .11% of Nitrogen which gives it a better grain refinement and more corrosion resistance. So if anyone is interested, 14C28N is now available at good prices.

Also allow me to add, please do not judge this steel by some factory made knives. I am afraid some knife manufacturers are going to hurt this steel's reputation by not heat treating it to its best parameters. I have seen its hardness where known as being in the 55-57 Rockwell C scale range and some poor knife reviews about it not holding an edge. I bought a folder made out of it and my 58 hard scratcher easily scratched it and I consider a folder softer than 58 hard a drawer knife as that's where it belongs. It is a shame as its toughness range is so very good and although not 3V tough it is still in the 20 to 30 foot lb. range at HRC 61 to 62 hard and can go even harder, but the toughness takes a nosedive.

KenH 09-12-2021 11:00 AM

I've always been a fan of 14C28N, but it got really hard to find so started using AEB-L. A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple hundred bucks of 14C28N from Admiral, so have enough to last a while now. Shipping costs really are expensive and must be factored in when ordering from Admiral Steel.

jimmontg 09-14-2021 01:33 AM

They won't cut those 72" sticks?

KenH 09-14-2021 09:19 AM

I don't know if they'll cut or not - they just pack between wood strips and ship. I didn't ask. Since "I think" they ship via UPS which is by weight not sure it makes any difference in shipping cost.

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