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BCB27 04-12-2001 06:40 PM

My lucky day

Today must have been my lucky day! I went to the flea market looking for a vise (broke the old one), and what do I find? A blacksmith's post vise in excellent condition for $75. Those that know what one of these is, know how much they usually sell for, when they can be found at all.
Now for the icing. I was the winning bidder for a brand new 1 HP Leeson DC motor. I only paid $100 for it because the seller didn't put a reserve on it. I checked the Leeson webpage and it lists for $598. I think I got lucky because I could not find it when I did searches for "DC motor" and "electric motor", the usual suspects.
Too bad every day wasn't this good. I think I'll go work on some knives. :D


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