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rockhound 02-07-2019 12:24 PM

Pot-Holder Knife
Actually, a "gut hook" as they're known now. I believe the original design of the hook in the old days was to retrieve a hot pot from the campfire. Now they are sharpened and used to unzip critters while field dressing.

I never had a like for these knives and never had a use for one. This was made by request for a client who is boar hunter and will definitely put it to good use. 1 by GhostCreekMine, on Flickr 2 by GhostCreekMine, on Flickr 3 by GhostCreekMine, on Flickr 4 by GhostCreekMine, on Flickr 5 by GhostCreekMine, on Flickr

M&J 02-11-2019 02:12 PM

Excellent! The sheath work is :)

rockhound 02-16-2019 08:50 AM

Thanks! Normally I like to embellish my sheaths but he requested a plain-Jane sheath for this one.

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