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Conversation Between rockhound and Crex
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  1. Crex
    10-09-2012 02:49 PM
    Hey Chris
    Sorry I missed this post, too many directions at once. Was getting things set up for my semi-annual Hammer-ins I conduct in NGA every year. Lot of work but also lot of fun. Currently up in my laffin place with my Grandson, digging/panning for saphires, etc. He's 8 and an avid creek deweller. Little cool but we've managed to work up a sweat rolling boulders to get to the good stuff. Found two small ones, opaque purple, yesterday. He's just as happy finding stauralite crosses.
    Thank you for the overwhelming compliments. Just doing what I do. Been retired twice, this one took. Really enjoy the freedom to get dirty all the time. Now trying to find more time to toss flies at big tailing reds in the gulf......separate passion of mine.
    Any time I might be of assistance just holler. My personal email is quicker (more direct).
  2. rockhound
    09-25-2012 08:16 AM
    My God Carl, I don't even know where to begin on complimenting your work! I am fascinated with your steel work as well as your sheath work. I'm also a fan of frontier/early American and Native American works... so impressive what you have done. Tomahawks, Bowies, clubs, and the incredible miniatures... just crazy. Classic styles have always appealed to me most. You are clearly a true master and artist of this craft. Your works are ponderous. Thank you for showing me your collection! You are obviously no slouch behind the camera either, very nice work.
    Really cool that you know the ropes of prospecting too (frickin renaissance man you are!)... GA is an excellent locale for that as you already know.
    It's a privilege and honor to have someone like you share advice and speaks volumes about your character. Regarding your talents and character - 'inspirational' would be an gross understatement.
    Thank you!
  3. Crex
    09-25-2012 05:52 AM
    Thread's getting a little long and didn't want to go too far off topic. Thanks for the invitation, don't get out to the shining mountains as much as I want. Done a good share of grubbing for gold. My grandfather was a geologist/prospector and travelled everywhere. He, his brother, my dad and brother spent two years in Dahlonega, GA during the gold rush there. Very successful enterprise. Therefore Dad was good at it (he taught me to forge). I think we tumbled every boulder in N GA to scrape for placer. I take grandson to the creeks to look for valuables / dinosaurs. Gold is difficult for him, but has found nice saphires and favorite, a near perfect Stauralite/Fairy Cross. Gets better everytime.
    The sheath offer stands, just let me know if you decide to go that direction. Been a good thread for beginners, lots of useful information and questions.
    I have a gallery at

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