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03-23-2012, 04:55 PM
There were a few knifemakers and knife affiliated folks who visited Carpenter Technology Corp. immediately after the very successful ECCKS show in N J, earlier this month, for a tour of the facility, some great food and conversation and discussion re: knife steels. The people at Carpenter were very kind and generous to us and were very interested in what we, as users of their products thought. We toured the steel milll, AMAZING, visited and were instructed in seminars with their very knowledgeable and talented staff and learned a lot about the modern steel making process. They seriously wanted our input as to what we needed and what our customers needed, regarding the high-tech steels of today.

If you'd like more information, I refer you to Joe Szilaski's report on this same tour that happend last year, which is featured in the June 2012 issue of Blade Magazine. The desire, equipment and ability that this company has to make such great steels is amazing! Their attitude is so very welcome, they really do want to provide us with steels that we need.

They already have an awesome selection of knife steels in their CTS 40-CP, CTS XHP, CTS B75P, CTS BD1, CTS 204P, CTS BD30P and CTS BD1, to name a few. To have a top rated company such as Carpenter, along with Specialty Metals, want to work with the custom knife industry is very exciting to me. I'm not downing any other steel maker/supplier, I am simply reporting on a great experience that I recently had and would like to thank Carpenter for inviting me to their "2012 Knife Industry Steel Symposium." A title, by the way, which the symposium attendees were involved in developing.

Those with whom I was privileged to attend were: Edmund Davidson, Les George, Lloyd "Butch" Harner, Gil Hibben, R. J. Martin, Joe & Lori Szilaski, Brad Stallsmith, heat treater, Scott Devanna, steel supplier, Ron Long, Carpenter's Manager of the Knife Blade Products Division and their metallurgists and strip steel managers, top management, etc. They really treated us well and did all they could to let us know that they are serious about making the best knife steels that they can make for our needs. I appreciated the experience, getting to know these ladies and gentlemen better and all that the Carpenter staff did - and will do for the custom knife industry.