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03-16-2012, 03:18 PM
I need some advice regarding which cork belts I should use. I've heard that 1200 grit is the best. I also want to know which compound is best to use with them. Please guys if you could recommend a supplier that I could get these belts from it would be greatly appreciated.

03-16-2012, 05:15 PM
I use Tru-Grit's 400x and 1000x cork belts and am very happy with both. The 1000x belt
will remove 400x cork scratches just a fast as the 600x cork belt, I believe and then the
blade buffs out very quickly, if it has been belted correctly with the 400x "Tractor Belt," which I now use on my blades to remove the 50x-60x scratches from rough grinding.

02x072:272-0320-X45-U254 2x72-320 X45 U254 Norax Engineered Abrasive $6.55 6.30 5.90 NORTON SEE MORE BUY

then the 400x cork belt and finally the 1000x cork belt and buff with RCH SS300 compound.

Unless you can sell 50 belts within a year or two, there is always the risk of the belt joint failing. I can't speak from
experience with this particular belt, but I have had cork belts come apart that were in my shop for 2-3 yrs. Just a caution. The 1000x works great for me.

I use RCH SS 300 Compound and it is available from K & G Supply (below), they will charge about $9.50 for the green version AB806 and $9.50 for the White version AB300, too. I use only the white version, as it does not get wood and other porous materials, such as stag and horn dirty as easily.

You can also get it from a Distributor for $5.05 each, BUT you have to buy a case of about 20 bars, I believe. It will weigh approx. 50 lb. for a case.

CTI is the distributor in California: 714-662-0909, talk to Dan. He says that RCH is no longer available, but is sending me a sample of a "comparable compound."

Here are all the "Cork Belt" threads on this forum, if you want to read more.

I hope this information is of some help.