View Full Version : 3 FS/FT: Reif, DeVelliers and Center Cross Damascus

Howling Moose
04-10-2002, 01:36 PM
Three blades for trade...(#'s 2, 3 and 4 in the following photo)... see my "trades wanted" list that follows - Thanks. (

-Center Cross 12" OAL three billet cable damascus blade with a rare Oosic handle - by Gene Osborn - sensational design. Fileworked S/S guards front and rear, the blade is a three billet composit cable damascus blade, hand forged. It is about 1/4" thick in front of the guard and taper's two directions with a slightly convex grind. Burgundy hand sewn leather drop sheath. Certification of authenticity of material accompanies blade. REDUCED to $245

-Andres DeVillier's PATHFINDER - **TRADED**lightly of the most "in demand" folders in the world...unmarked. $415

-Reif MATRIX - **TRADED**lightly carried...original edge, only a couple of very light marks on the handle - Ti handle w/ Micarta underlay, BG-42 blade...blued spacers... $375

Trades wanted like these: Polzien, select Strider's, Simonich, Darrel Ralph, RJ Martin, Hossom, Dozier, Szabo, Hartsfield, select MadDog Labs, Osborn, Snody...similar tacticals