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12-02-2006, 01:12 PM
After a good month for an item going to Brazil and a good month and a half for one to Germany, I'm elated to report that both arrived safely. The P.O. web site quoted 4-6 days, or something for both. Thought sure they'd been lost, but they did show up in good condition. I tried to track them, but there is no such thing for Global Priority, though there is an 800 number to call, but all they say is that they can't track G.P. But it will, ..."either be delivered or returned." That is what happened in this instance.

Has anyone else had any experience with foreign deliveries that have taxed the patience and faith of the sender? I guess the reason for this post is to let those who may not be aware, that it can take a long, long time to get a "few days" package to foreign destinations, but don't give up! Mine finally made it, an I'm very relieved and happy.

One G.P. envelope had some of Pop's yellow buffing wheels in it and the great new Brazilian knifemaker, Romano Bernardes, totally loves them.

The other had contained some 1/8" X 2", CPM 154-CM that will be turned into 2 collaborative (Is that a word?) "Onion Choppers" by Marcus Lehrle, in Stuttgart. He'll do the blades and I'll do the handles and we'll both put our marks on them. Here's a post on the USN that shows the neat liittle kitchen knife:

12-03-2006, 02:00 AM
instead of usps global priority mail you should choose usps global express mail. i live in europe and always ask the US makers to send the knives by global express. it has always worked well (about 30 times) and it takes about five days until the parcel arrives. it costs about US$ 35. i know from others that they experienced problems like you when the sent parcels by global priority mail (delivery time around a month, not trackable).


12-03-2006, 06:36 PM
I sent a package to the UK via USPS global priority a couple of weeks ago and it got there in 6 days. I think that's amazing for under 20 bucks....

12-04-2006, 04:12 PM
Thank you, Hans and Tracy,
Sounds like we're getting the info. that will help us shippers.

Ed Fowler
12-04-2006, 07:24 PM
I wish you had written the thread a few days sooner, sent global to Germany, no word of it getting there yet. I wonder why the differences?

12-05-2006, 07:47 PM
Gee, sorry Ed. That's how I do things, just too dang slow!

Bit......don't worry. I called the 800# that my Post Office gave me and they said that the packages. ......."would be delivered or returned to me." Well, about a week or so later, within a few days of each other, they both were delivered, to my relief. So far, so good! Let us know when yours is, ".......delivered or returned," OK?

I think the differences are found in the prices. As mentioned above, Global Priority is about $10-12 and Global express is in the $30 range. Express is trackable, Priority is not.

Lots of good luck wishes coming from Manti!

Ed Fowler
12-05-2006, 09:52 PM
All a guy gots to do is smile and enjoy, sooner or later something will happen.
The all time record for me was 3 months for a package from Riverton Wyo to Tennessee. But it did get there!

12-11-2006, 08:53 AM
A friend sent me a Microtech pocket knife and a Surefire flashlight via UPS to Egypt, where I live. He sent it prepaid and 4 day delivery. Upon arrival, the import tax was 10% or about $100.00. UPS tacked on a delivery charge, a sales tax charge (even though they didn't sell me anything), and an administration fee. These extra fees amounted to $50.00. The total extra cost came to $150.00 which, needless to say, was a big and unwelcome surprise.

After speaking to several people about this the general consensus was that I had made a mistake in not telling my friend to lie about the value of the package. I was a little taken aback by this as I am not in the habit of lying to anyone. That still wouldn't have changed the extra value that UPS tacked on though, my disappointment with UPS is such that I will never use them again. There are a lot of other companies out there, and USPS has actually given me very good service.

Living in Egypt has its detractors, and one of them is that currently, there is no way for me to begin crafting knives, and no, I'm not looking for sympathy just relating my reality. So I'll continue reading and researching, and I thoroughly enjoy Steve's forum as well as a few of the others. I will move back to the US several years hence, and then I'll start my bladesmith venture, and yes, the bladesmith bug has bitten me, hard.