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04-25-2006, 10:27 AM
We just cleaned out the old milk shed last week, to put our long overdue Christmas ornaments, etc., away, along with other stuff. That old shed was my first shop, back in 1975. While up in the attic, I had to replace some fallen-down fiberglas, itchy job, no?, and noticed the old boards that I'd filled holes with. Those old nice 12" wide pine boards had been stored in our garage/shed next door by my dad and brother with plans to use them on the farm. There are still more of them waiting to be used. Anyway, it brought back a lot of memories of where I'd been, what I'd done, etc., and how I ended up back here, even in this very attic, vacuuming up dirt, mouse droppings, etc. Still some fluorescent lights hanging there, still the old door that I built by hand to put in the big entrance that was so big that a cow could/would pass through it, then into the corral on the other side of the shed. Still a note on the wall where I kept track of how long it took to do each part of making a boot dirk, along with spattered green buffing compound on the wall where the buffer was located. Got lots of good memories of Hibben, Draper, Chappel, Loveless, Warenski, A. G. Russell, Henry Frank, all who helped so much in my past, for which I'm so thankful, along with many others who were so much a part of the knife scene. Ted Devlet, early purveyor who did so much to push custom knives, Jimmy Lile, who once said, while walking off the bus at the airport, after a Meadowlands Show, "If the world is this big on the other side of Russellville, it must be a pretty big place!" Hunting Duck on the pend Orielle River up near Usk, Wash. and pheasants (In a pheasant hunter's paradise) down near Ephrata, WA with Rod Chappel and his friends, shooting with Bob Loveless and never out shooting him! NEVER! Visiting Bernie & Vickie Sparks in Dingle Idaho with Bob. Seeing Rudy Ruana in his own shop, buying a couple of little hunters. Stopping off and being warmly greeted by Elmer Keith in Salmon, ID, on Mother's Day, when he graciously took me into his tropy room for a look. Going to John Wooters' home and the YO Ranch in Texas on our trip to the Houston Show, shooting Bob's "RWL" serial-numbered Auto Mag out in the desert neat El Paso. Meeeting Ron Lake at his first show in Kansas City with that cool locking folder. Wondering how in the world Lloyd Hale could even dream up such masterpieces, let alone MAKE them! Learning to make a folder in Pahokee Florida with Don Zaccagnino and his boys and great wife. Visiting Henry Frank with my dad in Whitefish, Montana. Hunting rabbits, west of Manti, with Gil in his jeep at night, falling into a wash about breaking my neck! Fishing with Buster at his secret pond with my new wife where we caught some whoppers. [b]Sorry[/b', just rambling, hope you had the time, I apologize, must get to work! Lots of great memories as a result of this great occupation. Meeting wonderful people in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, all over the U.S. Many people to thank. Too many to name! Funny what a few old boards can bring to mind............
Got any wonderful memories to share, friends to thank?

Jon Christensen
04-26-2006, 08:14 AM
This isn't knife related but still applies.
Everytime I smell Mint I'm reminded of my childhood in Or.
After pressing out the mint oil the processors would compost the mint leaves. My grandfather would haul in this composted Mint every year for my mothers garden.
It was my brothers and my job to play on these piles. Composted mint piles are very hot so we would see who could run across the piles the "slowest". I know it's a simple memory but those are generally the best ones (it's the little things) and still brings a smile to my face every time I smell the stuff.

04-26-2006, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the comments, Jon. Funny how just about anything can trigger a fond memory. We used to harvest corn on the farm and after a time in the silage pit, it'd get hot and have it's own characteristic odor. Long days on the farm, good times!